Job Description:
Provides chauffeur service for hospital including transportation of patients to and from hospital locations in hospital vehicle.
Other information: Must be able to read and write and understand written and oral instructions.
Must have excellent communication skills.
Must be physically able to assist others up steps and into wheelchair lifts.
On-the-job training provided, to include transfer training, gait assistance and wheelchair management.
Possess valid Delaware driver's license with no more than two (2) points on current driving record.
Responsibilities: Maintains cleanliness, operational readiness, and maintenance of vehicle.
Assists department and coworkers when not actively transporting patients.
Records vehicle logs for patient transport, fuel consumption, and others as requested.
Works in multiple venues and adjusts work schedule to meet department mission.
Provides optimal customer service.
Willingness to perform specific task requests.
Assists organization in the transporting of other items as directed.
Follows hospital policies in regards to safe vehicle and wheelchair lift operation.
Location: Millville All Services Shift : FTE: 1.
000000 Work Status: Full Time

Don't Be Fooled

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